Clémence Protect + Clarify Daily Face Lotion 50ml


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Protect + Clarify Daily Face Lotion is a powerful anti-ageing moisturiser that calms, hydrates and protects to an SPF 15 level. Clémence Organics’ first sun-protective moisturiser is rich in zinc oxide that glides on invisibly to create a barrier against harsh UV rays. The added protective effects of carotenoid-rich Karanga Seed Oil and microalgal elements create multi-level sun protection that repairs and nourishes summer skin. Protect + Clarify Daily Face Lotion is ideal for those who spend most of their day in the office/indoors but are constantly being told they need some level of sun protection, even if they only spend 15-30 minutes in the sun.

Directions: Apply a small amount to face, neck and décolletage after cleansing and toning skin. Can be applied on top of Repair Face Serum and under makeup.

Patch testing recommended before first use. Store sub 30°C

SPF15 non-visible (& non-nano) zinc oxide, Karanga seed oil and microalgal extracts provide natural protection from the sun. Australian native Snowflower fights pigmentation and naturally brightens skin. Biofermented hyaluronic acid supports collagen synthesis and reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Cold pressed rosehip, jojoba, and buriti oils increase skin elasticity and stimulate skin repair and renewal. Premium essential oils, including rose otto, provide antiseptic and astringent properties, benefiting those that struggle with acne, inflammation and redness.


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