Lujuria Sunless Tan Setting Powder – Starter Pack


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CHANGE THE WAY YOU TAN. 100% Certified Organic 250g Sunless Tan Setting Powder is going to be your new best friend. Reduces post-tan sticky feeling, no more walking around with your limbs spread everywhere or worrying about the rubbing of skin to skin. You can continue on with your day as normal! Fresh scent of Geranium to mask fake tan and make you smell like sunshine instead. Reduces transfer of bronzer onto clothes and bed sheets. Mattifying formula with a hint of sparkle, to make you shine like the star you are. Comes with an optional Finishing Powder Applicator to apply all over body with ease (no brush needed = no mess, no waste and super hygienic! 250g bag – your product will feel never-ending! Packaged in 100% Recyclable Pouches. How To Use: 1. Fill your Applicator with Finishing Powder. 2.Apply your tan. 3.Pump powder onto skin holding the applicator about 10cm from skin’s surface (if using after Spray Tan, apply after tan is dried using HVLP hose). 4.Focus especially on areas where skin to skin contact occurs, such as under the arms, behind the knees, under-boob, inside of elbow etc. Make your application easier with the Lujuria Finishing Powder Applicator. Applying with a brush creates a mess and huge wastage of the powder, your product will last up to 3 times longer using the Applicator!


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